Find Your Perfect Fit

Your Perfect Fit

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Your Perfect Fit:    

Find Your Perfect Fit

How to find your Perfect Fit

  • 1. Assemble the tape measure

    • If you have a tape measure please proceed to step 2. Otherwise continue below.
    • 1a. Print out the template on 8.5" by 11" paper (Landscape orientation).
    • 1b. Make sure the margins are .5 in; otherwise the measurements will be inaccurate.
    • 1c. Glue or tape the ends marked on the tape measure with "GLUE HERE"
  • 2. Find your fit

    • 2a. Measure your body just below the bra band. Type number into Band Size.
    • 2b. Measure the fullest part of the bustline. Input into Cup Size.
    • 2c. Hit Calculate Size and get your perfect fit!