Bring It Up Don’t Come Undone Appreal Tape


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Use Don’t Come Undone to secure a loose fitting top, hold up strapless tops, secure a bra or spaghetti strap, position undergarments out of site, position and set accessories, hold up stockings or socks, keep pleats fresh or belt ends flatagainst your waist. The possibilities are endless… Don’t Come Undone stays put and is gentle to use on fine fabric. There is no messy residue and they are so discrete you can carry them with you everywhere. Each pack includes: 6 small strips 1/2 x 3″, 6 large strips 1 x 3″ and 10 dots 3/4 To Use: Simply remove backing from one side and press firmly to clean, dry, oil free skin or fabric. Remove the other backing and Don’t Come Undone.

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