Forever New Baby Fabric Care Wash


32 oz
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  • Forever New® Baby is a pure, natural, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable fabric care wash specially formulated to gently clean, brighten, and promote longer life for your Baby’s washables. The natural base of citrus and sodas gently cleans, then rinses completely from the fabric, leaving no residue to damage the fibers of the fabric and suited perfectly for babies and sensitive skin.
  • Specially formulated as a High Efficiency (HE) wash, BABY will quickly return the “newness” to your Baby’s washables. The patented odor eliminator removes any type of scent, and leaves things clean, fresh and baby soft.
  • You will love the scent of Clean Cotton or the natural freshness of unscented and the way it treats clothing, stuffed animals, blankets, cloth diapers, swimsuits and more. Designed and formulated by a mother of three young children to be tough on odor and stains, but preserve the softness and comfort of the item being washed.

Hand Washing and Machine Washing

  • To preserve your fine garments, Forever New® recommends hand washing in a basin of cool water with a tablespoon of Forever New®, Ovación®, Variance® Forever New Liquid® or Stretch®. Several items can be washed at the same time by starting with light colors to darks. Rinse garments thoroughly in clean water and gently squeeze excess water out. Rolling the garments in a clean dry towel will also remove residual moisture. Do not twist or wring garments. Lay flat to dry.
  • For fine fabrics and delicate garments, avoid the dryer. Heat will fade dark colors and deteriorate stretch fibers and elasticity of garments. Also avoid drying colors in direct sunlight.
  • We recommend testing for colorfastness by applying Forever New® on an inside seam of the garment with a clean cloth. The color or dyes should not bleed onto the cloth.
  • For machine washing delicates, lingerie, hosiery and sweaters, placing them in a mesh or lace washing bag on the delicate / gentle cycle will greatly extend the life of your garments.

HE – High Efficiency Washers

  • Front Loading and Top Loading Forever New® is a high efficiency wash. As a concentrated granular wash, use only half the amount of regular laundry detergents, as little as 1/8 cup. Please follow instructions on our label.
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