Did you know wearing the wrong bra may cause Bad Posture and Bra Bulge?

80% of the women are wearing the wrong bra!

Are you girls making the same mistake?
Ok, let’s try to solve it!

Women different “Stages of life”

1. Teenagers
Teenagers need to wear the right bra for proper breasts growth and body development, this will help them to possibly avoid from slouching at early age.

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2. Young ladies
Young ladies need to know the difference on when to wear what kind of bras, e.g. many like to wear strapless bra all the time (one for all occasions) thinking it is more convenient without realizing that strapless bras are designed as functional bra made for when you need to wear strapless, haltered garments etc…, ladies wearing them all the time can also dig in their sides and may develop bra bulges in long run.

Many TV idol are wearing cami bras in magazines, TV etc… Some clothing manufactures who never made bras before may also try to cash in on what’s popular with the kids especially since some cami bras “without proper construction” are quite easy and cheap to produce. Therefore, Cami Bras are over flooded everywhere and, many teenagers who loves to wear them to either simulate their Idols, out of convenience and comfort or, for fashion trends… However, without realizing their breasts (depending on their size) does need to have proper support accordingly.

Even skinny girls can develop Bra Bulge too! It occurs when they buy the wrong bra, the back of the bra digs in, showing the distinctive outline of your underwear. Bra bulge is caused by your flab, creating as much as two to three rolls of back fat: 1 below the bra 1 above the bra, and another 1 that shows through the center of the bottom and top elastic bands.

3. Middle age and older women

Middle age and older women also need good support as well.
Posture can be affected by the size and bra you choose, experts warn wearing the wrong bra can cause Bra Bulge, Back Fat, neck, shoulder, and back pain. A well-fitted bra can help your clothes to look better on you instantly, and can even have a slimming effect too. Many women may think if given a choice, they prefer not to wear a bra But, reality is, your Breasts does need the support of the right bra for look and also for, better posture too!

It’s never too late to start! Many women like to give themselves excuses to become lazy but, deep inside, all women loves to be beautiful but, they may not know the secret of the correct inner garments avail. that can easily do this at ease with our help!

In different stages of life, Women “should be” properly fitted by a pro, for their under garment needs and, depending on their developed body shape, size, and condition at the time, we can assist them to find the right garment to help them improve their overall look and shape!

E.G. many ladies would come to us wanting the same bra that her sister was raving and got from us. However, because we understand different bra fits different breasts, meaning: if sister has bigger breasts and, the other is not as voluptuous, they may need different bras for different support levels depending on their individual need.

Another scenario, a mom brings their child in wanting them to wear what she personally may like. However, this is a very common issue but, once we explain that a bra is for supporting the breasts for proper breasts growth and body development, depending on the age of their child and their breasts size, a professional should only use facts and experience to help determine the best bra for the child. Teens not wearing the proper bra for support may develop bad posture and possibly develop bra bulges and back fat which may bother them in long run.

Long story short, there is a good saying, there are no ugly women, only lazy ones and most women tend to become lazy in time but, that’s not really good for their morale. Some women give themselves excuses that they don’t need it. Reality is, Most all Women loves “Beauty”, and I believe “Beauty Starts From Within”! You have to look good (by looking good, I don’t mean you have to be skinny or fat…), regardless of the size, one should not have bulges all over, won’t look good in clothes and not good for posture overall as well.

With new technology in fabrics (comfortable and breathable, supportive no wire bras and comfortable shapewear etc…with proper guidance and the right inner garment help, we can help to instantly reshape you to look slimmer and improve breast enhancement and posture at ease.

After all, when a Woman looks good, it can help build self-confidence to make you shine and feel great!

By, Bon Bon

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